Paris: the City of Lights

Paris in May, I know this is old in blog-time but worth going back to. After all, most of Paris is quite old. But there is some new, exciting and unexpected treasures there as well. We stayed in a boutique … Continue reading

Night of 100 Wines

Photographed Night of 100 Wines; Mashpee Chamber of Commerce Charity Event; Everyone had a great time . Auctioned off a Cooking Week in Italy. So many wonderful wines and food. … Continue reading

No Parking from here to the Road

I just drove by this sign…..this is our call to action. There is no parking, no spectating, we are called to get on that road and go…..even if you are standing in the way, you still are presenting yourself to … Continue reading

First Day on the Job

In one week I have returned from Paris, set up a Twitter account, started a blog about fashion marketing and cleaned my office and closet. I feel like a whole new person. I have a passion for marketing in a … Continue reading