Everybody hates Mondays except when on Vacation

Monday and the tourists are not so numerous, yet. Already it is hot so we opted for cool museums. We walked to les Invalides where Napoleon’s Tomb is located. This shows the upper reaches of the dome from below. Light streams in from the windows and illuminated the gold and frescoed heights. It is amazing that all of this was done for him so long after his death. It is very lavish and hush; the respect for such a revered and famous leader.
The parade grounds are baked hard by the noon sun and few visitors wandered out of the shade. Some of the cannon lining the walls were from Napoleon himself and bore his seal. It is a solemn place. As we left a few war veterans remained scattered about on the grounds in their wheel chairs in the beautiful gardens.
Leaving Les Invalides, we wandered through the streets of Paris to Notre Dame. This is my favorite place to photograph and another one of the Must-Do’s of my life, namely: climb up the 372 steps to the Gargoyles.

They guard the city of Paris like ancient watchdogs, entombed in stone for centuries. The view from the roof was glorious. I cried, another little dream come true.

So many steps and fulfilling dreams makes us starving. We bid adieu to Notre Dame and wander through the streets in search of le dejeuner.

So on to my favorite meal of the day: Dessert. We looked for something really scrumptious. First stop, Laduree, the macaroon capital of the world.

I was speechless at the assortment and color. Could not resist the pink vinyl lunch sack covered with all of their logos in black, very toile. Then just as we were leaving I spotted the pink box to match that encased the real charms, complete with clips to fit on a bracelet. I know it held us up (as well as everyone in line) but they were so hypnotized by the pastry offerings that no one noticed.

We tried a chocolate shop, that I am quite sure laser marks each decadent piece like any self respecting diamond house. Finally settling on a pink frosted Napolean (in honor of the day), we settled ourselves on the banks of the Seine to fall in love,again, with Paris.

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