Fashion Week New York – Spring 2010

Will fashion save the economy? They are sure giving it their best down at Bryant Park amid the tents, models, designers (many working in understandable melt-down mode), buyers, photographers, onlookers, and beautiful, beautiful apparel.
Here is a link to the Schedule of Shows sponsored by Mercedes Benz

Fashion Week Schedule

Fashion Week began with the largest Kick-Off Party in over 700 stores city wide. The Event, Fashion’s Night Out, the brainchild of Vogue Magazine and especially orchestrated by Anna Wintour of the September Issue and editor in chief. Just when you might have wanted to call fashion an extravagance. The Event single-handedly brought revenue to not only the major companies where you could sip martinis served up by the Olsen Twins at  Bergdorf Goodman, or get your copy of Vogue signed by Charlize Theron at Dior, but the entire city of New York in restaurants, hotels and even taxis were busy.

Like something out of a Monet painting, models floated the runway of BCBG Maxazria’s collection offering only dresses but of the most wearable fabrics that fluttered behind each blank canvas model. The prints and fabrics had the transparancy of an impressionist painting. The tussue paper draping and folds of fabric trailed in their wake, like visible air, the designer painting the colors in our minds. In this time of peeling back to our basic needs, it is interesting that designers are becoming more creative; as if to remind us that we can still express what is inside by wearing it on the outside.

We have only to look forward to the rest of the Show. And we can now all exhale a sigh of relief, it is OK to be beautiful even in the midst of our crazy economy.

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