Fashion Week – Day Three

You can’t stop things from happening in New York. Today started out with the extensive collection from Lacoste, Europe’s new BFF. OK, after that show I want to play tennis, racquet ball, croquet, anything that requires me to dress in those snappy, sporty outfits. How about just watching, I could wear the V Neck ensemble to watch Wimbledon or the French Open. And just when we thought Spring was over, along came a lot of ducklings all in a row. The models were having fun making a yellow stripe down the middle.

Surprise collection from the United Bamboo duo, Miho Aoki and Thuy Pham. Leaving everyone delighted beyond words with an elegant sense of style. Aqua satin and feminine dresses, silks that caress and tops that drape to enhance softness. The team captures essential grace of Springtime.  All photos: Marcio Madeira

But my favorite new designer love is Christian Siriano from Project Runway. The entire collection is unspeakably stunning and incredible. Chic and full of the colors of life, dresses sparkle like water, gowns float like clouds. To see how far he has come can bring tears to the eyes. If anyone ever deserved to make it truly it is him. This people, is why we have Fashion Week.


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