Promises of Spring – New York Fashion Week

I promised myself that I wouldn’t do this but with all the attention Marc Jacobs got prior to, during and after his show, I cannot be silent. Is it just me or are those who do reviews on the famous think that if the review is favorable somehow glitter will come down from “Famous People Heaven”? I just don’t get it. I did not see one wearable outfit in the show that would do anything for anyone, with the exception of Lady Gaga or Madonna (during a show). First of all why would you cover up ruffles with a straight, short raincoat? Does anyone need to bring attention to our hips?  Who, with the exception of Madonna, seriously wears a bra and girdle on the outside and keeps their job? How about the fanny pack? Are we finally giving hope to the unwitting Disney tourists among us? I am sorry; love the new fragrance, Lola, but the show, not so much. I am not saying there was nothing I liked, just not in the combination presented.

By contrast, Donna Karan, who was not given as high praise, offered a show of elegant beauty, highlighting the feminine figure and draping it with fabrics that caressed. She is a designer that is willing to put styling into clothes that we want to buy, we want to wear. Everywhere.

Carolina Herrera had some beautiful pieces in her show, no, every piece was beautiful. It had a very “Glamour Girl” feel reaching way back to Jacqueline Kennedy days. Her talent is in her use of textures, colors and shape that brings out the diva in a woman. It doesn’t hurt that she liberally used my favorite apparel color, vibrant orange. This is a woman who has known the finer things.

Spring in the Zac Posen world will rain down color in adorable little dresses and make us all happy. He started out painting models in windows on Fashion’s Night Out to prepare for what was to come. He moved his show from the tents only to delight all with what maybe the most colorful day we get till the Spring arrivals start.
And just when you thought he was just having fun, we get the WOW evening gown to die for.  Since Mr. Pozen is so darned gorgeous himself, I had to include a shot of him and his pink creation. Wonderful talent, beautiful show!
The powerful Carlos Miele left jaw dropping gowns of color and texture lighter than air for us to drool over and fantasize about for Spring.

And, finally, I cannot help but to mention Julian Louis
and Sophie Theallet (one of the First Lady’s darlings), who get in there with the big guns and give us treasures that bait us for the first breath of Spring. Can you not see Michele Obama in this? Gorgeous.
All Photos: Marcio Madeira (as a photographer I want to know just when do you sleep and do they provide you with a helicopter to get to all these venues? You Rock Marcio!)

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