Tuesday Afternoon..In Paris

Ruby Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Super Tuesday…it is all the same. But for Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010 it means Chanel, Chloe, Valentino and Alexander McQueen, among others.

Chanel had a Ho-down with enough hay to fill a regular Barn-Raising. The entire barn was erected within the Grand Palais. Lilly Allen, after literally raising up out of the straw singing, (apparently one of her last times, as she announced earlier in the week) adding to the fun and frolic that the models apparently had with all that hay clinging to them.

Karl Lagerfeld himself looks as if he just got off his favorite hoss and giddyed-on-up to meet the people. Think maybe Chanel is going through some Image Change Management, in a good way. The dresses, suits, gowns, and embellishments were sooo Chanel (except the wood sole 80’s clog shoes that I gave away a million years ago). But according to sources, Karl threw one heck of a shindig and is now known in Paris as The (Party) Man.

The coveted Front Row brought the chic and famous. Prince, Claudia Shiffer, Sean Lennon & Kemp Muhl, and the ever -fashion-show-present: Rihanna.

Alexander McQueen, being somewhat of a forward thinking, tech-loving, stress-case, marketing genius even streamed his show live. It is all Aliens, Tech to the Limit and Lady Gaga (who will be embedded tomorrow because the stream was so overloaded around the world that it blew an extraterrestrial gasket). What on or off earth could possibly be more entertaining (besides those shoes, which kind of scared me)? 
Voila, Plato’s Atlantis:

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