For the Love of Hermès

Arguably one of the top Fashion Houses of France, if not the World, Hermès captivates us with anticipation each season. The House has a brilliant marketing team that sets the tone of each campaign like a director sets the stage for a movie production. While many do this with such exuberance that the fashion gets lost in the fray, Jean Paul Gaultier does not forget that people wear these garments and want to look graceful, lovely and polished when they spend Fashion House prices. To that end, the Paris Show on Wednesday was scrumptious to consume down to the last drip of an anklet. Each model was an entire act to a very well orchestrated play; that of Hermès in Paris. Shall we?
Photos: Monica Feudi /

The look: borrowed from the 20’s American Chic, the theme: Tennis right down to the clipped greens and white stripes, the details: exquisite as frosting on a wedding cake. This collection was the essence of grace and elegance. Softly draped fabrics that melt like butter against the skin in tones meant to soften the edges and blur the lines of harsh reality.
The young are not forgotten in the collection’s playfulness and chic. Shoes to die for and accessories to make even a diva swoon, like these blue booties. The entire outfit is made from the color of spring clouds on the edge of the sea at sunset. It evokes warmer weather and gentler pursuits.
Chanel Inman is red hot with accessories that Hermes is so well known for.
It is all in the details….and Jean Paul Gaultier delivers with a treasure trove of enough anklets, bags, bracelets, rings, tennis racket covers and bags, watches, gloves and of course shoes to fill our coveting little hearts to the brim.  Detail Photos: Gianni Pucci / 

Viva l’elegance, Merci Jean Paul Gaultier

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