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Now for the “request” for the Fall Fashion Foot Fetish

When we have to say good bye to summer and all that fun, scanty clothing because it is undeniably FREEZING out, our thoughts turn to all that lovely clothing and shoes we got on sale and promptly forgot about. If you simply cannot find it in the back of your closet, stuffed under your bed, or stashed in your trunk, then the staunchly brave must go shopping. Here are a few suggestions in the footwear department:

This is the year of the Boot. Period. Short, adorable little booties all the way up to the racy thigh-high hotties. If you can’t bear the thought of solid shoes yet, or if you live in more temperate climes (we secretly hate you) then opt for the designer’s newest bumper crop of slashy little booties by Rosegold, from Saks. These babies need to see and be seen so don’t cover them up with anything long. A nice tweed mini with black stockings should do nicely.
The whole bootie obsession is too good to leave at that, one must stock up, it is after all harvest season. So channel your inner Asia with a spicy little number from Vera Wang Lavender Collection available at Neiman Marcus. I’m thinking hot little striped suit, three quarter sleeves and a nice toasty black leather camie just peeking through. Smooth moves in the board room.
Moving higher up the ladder of success as the weather drips on us a bit, we might just want those toes covered. Now you’re talking major fashion focal point of the outfit. Bergdorf Goodman has these gorgeous Gucci Lockharts in stiletto heel. Gray goes best with that Top Shop Rose Ruffle Collar jacket and high slit pencil skirt you have been saving to knock ’em dead at the office.
Just like Fellini during a film shoot, we are moving up the leg to the knee. This being the classic boot height, it pays to get a pair that will stand the test of time (fashion years, like dog years travel much quicker). Give it a bit of fizz with some embellishment and make the color a slight mystery, like Sumatra-Espresso-80% Cocoa. Definitely join forces with tucked in skinny jeans and let these hunting dogs out of the kennel.
Now for the real deal and some supercharged leg action we are going Over the Top. Stuart Weitzman suede over the knee boots have hit the ground running and nothing can stop them. The trick and treat of it all is to wear leggings under and that scrumptious double breasted Nanette Lapore Party Girl coat with the tucks, tiny ruffles in the front, and kick pleat in the back. Just make sure the thigh length silk charmeuse underneath can be worn alone, in case you get hot dancing. You can get them at Nordstroms.

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