Preoccupation with Gourds

Thanksgiving is swooping upon us with its usual surprise attack ushering in the Holiday Season that we look forward to with a mixture of dread and euphoria. The parties, the dress-up, the shiney little packages, all mixed up with the … Continue reading

Pop the Clutch

Is it just me or is everybody making a comeback. The recession has us looking back instead of forward. Perhaps there was something we could have done? Remember the good times? Oh, you have heard it all. The important thing … Continue reading

Lastest Dior Design – A Christmas Tree

As the rest of the world holds its collective breath as the Holiday Season approaches, there seems one magical spot blissfully unaffected by the dreary clouds of doubt. The prolific dramatist and lover of the art of costume, designer John Galliano has been chosen … Continue reading

Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga Fashion Genius

Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen are of the same Shock Generation that seems to know just how far they can push our level of amaze. Of course anyone who can walk, let alone dance in those shoes deserves our admiration. … Continue reading