Pop the Clutch

Is it just me or is everybody making a comeback. The recession has us looking back instead of forward. Perhaps there was something we could have done? Remember the good times? Oh, you have heard it all. The important thing is to look forward. If you never stop, you don’t have to comeback. With that in mind, why don’t you put it in gear and get going. In fact, skip a gear and sail out into the day. Just be sure to bring along with you a stylish new clutch. That little statement piece that encompasses past, present and future all in one.

Fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg studded clutch in leather. Perfect for fall wardrobe pairings and your inner bikerchick rompings in the city with your “Just do it ” attitude.

 A bit like clutching the orient in your hand the color and soft fabric set with a killer clasp of agate shows off beautiful Italian craftsmenship that indicates elegance and style from Giorgio Armani.  I’ll have the caviar with my champagne.

To set off that little stunning black something, something, this Giambattista Valli Clutch is like having a jeweled handheld .  Velvet, cut stones and lacquer show off the color of the sea in Cornwall with peacock feathers and flowers dripping down the side. I’m thinking Duchess at least. Perfect for opera glasses….what were you saying, darling?

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