Preoccupation with Gourds

Thanksgiving is swooping upon us with its usual surprise attack ushering in the Holiday Season that we look forward to with a mixture of dread and euphoria. The parties, the dress-up, the shiney little packages, all mixed up with the misunderstanding, disappointments and plaintiff sigh of “only if..” As you gather or don’t gather but turn your thoughts to all of these quandaries, give yourself one great gift and be thankful for what you do have. Oh, I know everyone is worried sick about the recession and what the dratted world economy is doing. But just remember, Life is a precious gift and it given only one day at a time. While you are moldering away in your self-inflicted dismal soup, others are teaming forward, trying to fix this mess. You can be one of them if you just listen to the little birds that flit around even in the darkest, coldest days. They continue on as if nothing untoward has happened, blissfully ignorant of the future, wired only for survival of the moment. So we must be. And as humans, part of that survival is sustenance upon crinkled up smiles of friendship, reassuring kisses of affection, and rewards of going about domestically maintaining our little snip of existence. It cheers the downtrodden hearts of others less fortunate. And there are legions. This is a time to tap into that reserve inside your soul and pour it out to others, that is how we all heal. We can lift the whole thing if we all give it a hand. For we are one body called the Human Race. We live and die alike, if nothing else. We can be thankful for the air we breathe, the light of dawn, the chance to do our best with one more day.

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