The Poppy Obsession

Everywhere I go, it seems that this luscious color shines its fascinating light at me and I am drawn like a moth to the backporch bulb. I know in my mind that these Winter Berries are supposed to be red. They are not. They are the most opulent shade of Poppy. This year my new handbag was in supple, peppled leather all covered in delightful little pockets with zipper openings and the most delectable shade of Poppy. This started an avalanche of not only Poppy sightings and must have shoppings but how well Orchid goes with the saturated color of the opium flower. I am not ashamed to say I got it at an outlet store. Coach, of course, in Orlando. But, it is because I have never seen the color anywhere else. And what is in my in-box all Fall? Coach has come out with an entire line of Poppy! They are playfully mixing it with Orchid (genius fashion minds all think alike), and plaid. Ok, I will concede that there is such a thing as Purple Poppy, but it is a bit like saying Green Banana if you ask me.
Well, we all know it didn’t stop there, this little obsession of mine, I found a beautiful semi transparent long cardigan in, can you believe it, the exact same color! Then my own true love surprised me after a shopping trip with a gorgeous BCBG Reaction dress of the most comfortable stretchy fabric, perfect match, of course. Now I realize that this is a comunicable disease.  So now that you are all infected, I will supply you with some Poppy “medicine”.
BCBG’s Herve Leger stunned us all with his gorgeous fashions and I smiled to myself when this sexy little number with a racing stripe exposed zipper climbing up the back seam, walked down the runway in Poppy. Oh Herve, you know me!
I know you have seen them and you keep wondering if they are going to be a flash trend or should you invest on one of those snazzy, useful (right?) wrap cardis that are popping up everywhere. Well, one in Poppy would go sensationally with jeans, pencil skirt, or sequined leggings. My dear friend and PR extrordinare at DKNY would love to see you all wrapped up for Christmas in one of these, in cashmere. As decadent as warm chocolate dipped strawberries.

Accessories…sigh, our favorite little indulgence. There remains a legion of Poppy little nothing, nothings to adorn your inner dress-up doll  from Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch and Valentino.

This is not leaving out the most important of the Essentials (non accessory by definition) Shoes! Dior of Lady Dior ravishes us in croc pumps to die for. Ok, I think you are sufficently addicted to Poppy. Peace-Out!

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