Give me Liberty

cityHow Fashionable is Liberty? Depends on your culture and status within. But I ask you how Fashionable can it be? Well, let me tell you with a little story of a weekend to visit the relatives in Pennsylvania. First of all, new relatives can be daunting. Are they total casual or dress to the nines types? Worse, are they warring with seperate factions trying to outdo each other in their efforts to be tree-hugging, green-loving, peace-tie dye windmill farm, solar types that wear lots of eco-friendly crocs in subzero weather in direct opposition to the brand-spanked, head-to-toe designers-need-to-eat too, I got it all on sale for somewhere close to my mortgage payment types. After all, some of them were in the clothing industry, so it was a conundrum: what do I wear? In the end I decided to be myself and let the chips fall where they would, which is what I have always done.  I did wear white pants with my winter mix, however, because a little niggle of defiance and what season are we on exactly (We just saw prefall 2010, Spring 2010 apparently totally swept under the rug of impatience to be first)?  I brought 4 inch booties and red peeptoe stilettos, because, one needs to be prepared.

We elected to drive, my vote did not count, the 7 hours from Cape Cod to Pennsylvania through New York City and over the George Washington Bridge. As we passed the City of Season Fashion Rebirth, I got a glimpse of the the glow. The skyline glittering with the lights of one of the centers of the Universe, according to Fashion. The Empire State Building patriotically lit in red, white and blue winked at me and becokened with emploring, like the Sirens of the Sea, to turn left come play.  Then as we sadly let the City sweep by and crossed over the Hudson River on to our destination. Speeding on through the traffic, the highway bent back around in full view of the City, Fashion and Finacial districts hand in hand, and there, beautifully lit and set in emerald like a rare jewel: the Statue of Liberty, her torch buring bright and true. She knows how to wear green and a tiara and make it fashionable, I gotta say. My heart fair to burst, and my neck wrenched from craning, we left them for another time. Sigh.

Hours later, we arrived in the presence of kings; King of Prussia, that is. Totally disoriented because of the dark, I had no idea where we were but light soon dawned when the biggest mall, full of richly fashionable treasures loomed on the horizon. Best of all, we stayed within sight of the king’s golden castle. I mean, I had never been to Prussia but I did love this king already.

Gucci, Louis Vuttion, Dior, Donna Karan, Cartier, Tiffany, they were all there, gems in the his crown. A trip into the “Castle” proved more than I could bear and of course I entered my Holiday Shopping with zeal. Oh, how well they know how to market to my weak and glossy mind. Gucci, with perfume wafting from its doors teleported me, I swear, right out of the center aisle of the Mall. Suddenly I was there, gazing at peacock silks and butter soft leather wallets, determined to move my furniture into a back room until my knight in shining armor “rescued” me and dragged me out for some air.  The same thing happened at Tiffany’s. Only this time the combination of diamonds and robin’s egg blue boxes nearly finished me off. I love this castle, I kept repeating, as I was pulled from the white satin ribbon dungeon, or so they tell me. Honestly, I remember none of the ill effects. At Juicy Couture, I was nearly dragged away by court jesters dressed in pink tutus and ruff collars to rival even Lady Gaga. Sirens, do you hear me singing?

The family turned out to be more than fun and the fashion was fabulous, of course. Some of us went to Longwood Gardens to see a spectacular and floral display of Christmas. We lunched at the Terrace Restaurant and toasted the season and each other with Champagne and Yuletide love. We drove through little villages of quinessentially Colonial and domestically civilized gentlemen’s farms, all decked in fashionable Christmas dress.

Then came the Tree Trimming Party. Did I die and go to Charles Dickens Heaven? It was all that and more. It mattered not what earrings were worn or what colors were chosen for the evening, what mattered most was smiles, love, making new friends and sharing the love of the season.

Sunday dawned with freezing rain and a determined trip to see Philadelphia. As the day wore on the weather warmed up but somehow got worse because we were swimming out in it. We noted near rapids in the streets but we trudged on and to our delight saw the most fashionable and coveted state of being in the world: Liberty. At least we saw the Liberty Bell in all her glory. It was worth getting wet for, certainly others have given more that I may enjoy all the benefits that she represents.  We sloshed through the beautiful Colonial city all fashionably dressed for Christmas until it was time to turn our duckmobile home. Oh, it was a car but we definitely needed to a dryer by that time. Rain continued the entire way home disturbingly blocking the entire City of New York.Lights, skyscrapers, statue, all gone like the Ghost of Christmas Present. But I got to see Christmas in the faces and places of an adventure. And in case your hat is bit too long, those brotherly lovers in Philly still make sure you hat gets fashionably trimmed at no extra charge.Now how cool is that?

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