January is Waiting

Why is it that January is plagued with waiting? It is freezing, even in Miami. Iguanas are falling off trees waiting for it to warm up on this pirated bit of land they call home. In the North East, where they are used to everything freezing up from plants to pipes, they wait for the days to get longer. It’s like watching grass grow but there isn’t a blade to be found now. Not up there. They might be cold but they are waiting for enough snow to fall to go skiing. Even the fashion world is waiting. Fittings are being painfully scheduled and dealt with by the not-so-patient designers and handlers. PR people are being stretched to the limit as they wait for fickle models to stand still long enough to finish the last stitches. February is coming and so are all those long waited for Fashion Shows that parade in front of our eager clutches clothing that is senselessly pre-pre season, for which we will wait to wear until NEXT Fall. The economy is waiting for the recession to be over. Many unemployed are waiting for their unemployment insurance to be extended. We all just seem to get into the frozen state of WAIT. We are all waiting for a miracle.
Amazingly that miracle is Spring. Once again we will drag out our tarnished HOPE, polish it off with memories of the many Springs before. We will lovingly and longingly nurture it until all traces of waiting are over and signs of undeniably push to the surface breaking even the most stubborn fatalist among us. The wait will be over. Fashion Week http://www.mbfashionweek.com/newyork/ will issue in a new set of seasonal choices that will actually not discourage us with waiting but give us  something to look forward to. Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen will enthrall and amuse us. There is life after January. It will be beautiful. And if Donatella Versace has anything to say about it, it will be short, tight and hot!

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