White. White gloves, White caps, White Christmas, White sale, White washed, White as snow, ghostly White, milky White, creamy White and Winter White. Wait…Winter White? White is quintessential in summer, to show off that tan and those cleanly bleached teeth. So why is there an entire economy dedicated to white in winter? Perhaps it is because some of these people who look so elegant and chic in white find that summer is a movable feast and they chase it in order to maintain what obviously brings out the best in them. Is it the Gwyneth Paltrow Blondes that make white look effortless, cool and crisp? Or the Catherine Zeta Jones Chocolate Browns with a widow’s peak set to emphasize every chisiled profile. Creating the illusion of purity and grace in billowy white gauze that evokes Miami Beach at the Delano and warm balmy breezes. What is our attraction to white that we look for every excuse to wear it long after the last leaf of summer has been buried under ice? Why indeed. Elle’s Violet Gaynor reports that Kate Bosworth wore Diane Von Furstenberg whites this winter in Moscow. They went on to offer many choices for both warm and cold winter destinations.

Winter makes us want a cocoon of warmth. There is no end to Winter Clothing and Accessories that come in White. My Fashion Obsession this winter is gloves. I have six new pair. It was love at first sight with Dior gloves, soft as a lamb.
And when can we draw an enviable Burberry Trench about us to ward off sleet and rain? Oh, right, in the winter. Right. This one is delectable, feminine, pleated, double breasted and, yes, White.
What about a gown? Oh heavens we would never leave off without a gown, in Winter White, of course. Obligingly, that darling Giorgio Armani finished his Winter Collezioni with just the dollop of cream we were coveting. 
And it wouldn’t be winter without a handbag. Come to think of it, life would not be worth living without one. White in winter?  Would it stand up to the strain? Somehow we could cope; I don’t have a doubt in my mind if it was a shiny, icy, patent leather Dior bag from the 2009/10 Winter Collection. Yes, we would manage.
When we look up we see a sky, wreathed in white clouds, some filled with snow like overstuffed marshmallow bags. When we look down, we see hills, hedges and our front walk covered in white snow, turning stubbornly to solid ice. But it reflects such a lovely glow, like a crisp white shirt as we contemplate the purity of a clean year to come.

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