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When Pop Darling Lady Gaga sat primly in that cubist black suede chair for her photo interview and was named Creative Director for Polaroid Specialty Products in Las Vegas on Jan. 7th 2010, she had no idea that I was already one step ahead of her. In Miami, Coral Gables, to be exact; sits an enormous garden named: Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens. Imagine my surprise when we walked in and were immediately confronted with Gaga-ish flowers presented in a major outdoor exhibition by Acclaimed Artist Yayoi Kusama. Did I swallow a mushroom back there? I swear we just got out of the car. Gigantic acrylic flowers bloomed right out of the ground reviving the 80’s Broadway hit “Little Shop of Horrors” before our eyes. They definitely use some kind of “Miracle-Grow” here.
Nothing daunted, well, yes, I was daunted, but I kept going and later when there was a siting of Lizzy, the Loch Ness Monster I was totally sure someone was playing a joke on me with the meds for my recent shoulder surgery. Not funny guys. We are not anywhere near Scotland…are we? No wonder I was getting dizzy. But I do see palm trees and I know, in fact, there are NO palm trees in Scotland. By this time I had a plan formulating and was just about to Tweet Lady Gaga herself because I had seen the perfect design for one of her costumes. In fact it was palm to see.
This is why she was named Creative Director, not for her amazing performances, costumes or marketing, but because she can channel anyone at will for ideas. In years to come, when she no longer can dance, she will be leading marketing seminars for people who did not pick up on her talent. Oh, yes, that girl can sing and dance, we all can clearly see that. But she found out in a spectacular observation that if you want people to buy into what you have, you have to get their attention. If singing in underwear is how she started that, then she knew to reuse the formula and put enough sassy color into it to keep them watching. That being the case, I am going back to the Kusama flowers. These would make a good collar, hat or, probably shoes. I’m sure you could work it out Gaga…you usually do.

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