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The fashion wheel is turning with incredible fortitude in an economy that has not left it unscathed. In Milan this week we have witnessed designer diversity. Not in a racial color-of-skin sense but in decidedly dichotomoneous suggestion as to what men should and can wear in this “clawing our way out of recession” climate. To run the gamut we have seen everything from Terminator and Alien landings to Newsy Boys and WWII Fly Boys. We have even seen skirts for men, not a new concept, as the Scottish can tell you. What better way to understand the seeming confusion and look at it more as a detailed tapestry, than in photos (credits to Vogue, of course).

Perhaps shock is best dealt with first. But I actually see this as a tongue-in-cheek swipe from DSquared at the outrageously lavish and heavily pressed upon Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. After all, it isn’t fair that girls get to have all the fun. And wouldn’t he make a fab Angel?
But the fun does not stop there, as the TSA Bomb Squadly attired hunks that marched down the runway, saving us all from any kind of deadly explosives that fashion might impose upon its victims (they come complete with their own medical masks and detonator kits). You can’t say they didn’t come prepared. All of this from Shock Label: Alexander McQueen, of course.
Then, can you channel your inner Scotsman, because what self respecting young  man would be caught dead without one of these snowboard outerwear suits? This,  mind you, popped out of the slightly frightening pod-like cots that spawns the best sort of Olympian (from Mars?) No from Monte Gamme Bleu. Oh. Love the Rip Van Winkle hats.
Ok, you’ve had your fun, but certainly not enough of it. Add some clowns to liven things up a bit. At least lots of vibrant color to splash around in next fall, as you guys love from Etro. If you took the collection apart, there were actually some very normal, wearable pieces, at least Vogue said there was, don’t take my word for it.
There was a lot of fun to be had in Milan at Men’s but some of the labels wanted to be more on the serious, graphic side of fashion and remind us that you can always just fight your way to what ever you want. Where, exactly, are we going with all of this again? Oh, and skirts, Jean Paul Gautier re-introduces them for men….but does it look like you want to say ANYTHING to him about it, not me! Then at the end of the Show the designer showed up in a bruised and bloody face….Right. I get it, don’t you?!..Ah-hem..
There were some wonderfully redeeming qualities to Milan Mens Fall 2010, I assure you. To start, Christopher Bailey for Burberry Prorsum not only gave us retro Hot WWII Flyboys smokin’ down the runway but he did so by way of Live Streaming. Way cool. Very wearable, very wantable. And lots of Boyfriend clothes to borrow. Yum.
Gucci, that other word for impeccable taste mingled with trend (setting) gave us a collezioni, to wear but did so with sumptuous fabrics for Fall/Winter. You simply cannot go wrong with Gucci.
Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and  Ferragamo (who showed beautiful elements even if the end product was like a bit post Scrooge-reform Bob Cratchit.) all produced beautiful clothing made from  expensive, but touchable fabrics for Fall.
Arguably the best set and show colors came from Donatella Versace, who presented her Terminator looks that were far from offensive. She got it right with the slick hair, dark, face covering shades and black leather. They looked chiseled, edgy and put together that makes you feel like she knows where things are going. If Fashion is going to turn around in this economy, you certainly can’t look back. It is fast forward baby, cool and fast!

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