Intergalactic Gaga Grammys

All I have to say is that Grammy Awards give the Fashion World a lot of things to talk about and Lady Gaga was more than willing to give them what they wanted last night at Staples Auditorium in Los Angeles. Armed with an arsenal of Armani Prive Creations, she was not alone this year. Pink spiraled high above Hollywood’s Royal head in a Cirque du Soleil preformance that included sprinkling them all with water. But what we want to know is all about the Fashion. And fashion was there in all its glittery, albeit sometimes misguided, glory.

Lady Gaga lead the parade with striking Giorgio Armani Prive creations from Armani and Team Gaga.  All the costume changes had a Starship Galactica touch and feel from the stardust glitter to the sharp pointed edges. Aided and accompanied by none other than Sir Elton John, himself no stranger to the outlandish and the glam, she opened the Grammys with incredible spectacle of energy and fireworks. We have come to expect nothing less from her.
Pink chose a glitter encrusted if not decidedly feminine Red Carpet stunner from Tony Ward Couture. The gradient levels of pure Hollywood on the Town from Mr. Ward’s collection did not sway us from the feeling that Pink could still deck us with one stroke if she so chose. She used all that muscular clout when she shocked the assembled crowd with a performance that went from alien monk to Cirque du Soleil in about two seconds. Her white sequined snood transformed into a trapeze lift as she spun in outer space, herself, all the while belting out her Grammy winning preformance. That wasn’t enough for Pink, always pushing the level of personal space, water flowed down the bands, and now dressed in nothing but white ribbons, she finished her song spinning and sprinkling the delighted crowd below from her platinum hair. What a show!
Miss Beyonce ran away with most of the Grammys and most of the men’s desire with her Stephane Rolland Grecian geometric man-eater gown in an enticing shade of nude, and pretty much painted on her curvaceous body. Her Sasha Fierce performance complete with Swat Team Dancers had the entire Staples Auditorium on their feet with a standing ovation. If belting out just how she could do it better if she was a man (the farthest thing from most men’s minds) didn’t convince them, then getting down on the floor and swinging that silky hair around did. Six Grammys, more than any other female vocalist, that is what you get for shaking all that booty around. 
Grammy fashion isn’t always stunning in the glamorous sense of the word, but it is entertaining. And that is what the Grammys are all about. The Ladies came, entertained and ran away with all the golden gramaphones. And that, is show business.

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