"Oscar!"…"Yes, Felix?"

The Oscar Pandemic has begun. Symptoms: Oscar Fever, associated with downloading every movie on the list and Googling all the nominated stars; Sore Feelings, from not having one’s favorite (fill in the blank) nominated. Secondary Symptoms: Nervous Tic and Bitten Fingernails, from speculation of the Who-Will-Wear-What on the Red Carpet. Leading to: Weight Gain, caused by trying out Oscar party food in preparation for one’s own Oscar Fete. Diagnose: First, apply daily dose of Dom Perignon to calm frazzled nerves. Second, watch this Blog to see the possibilities for Star Fashion Prospects. Prognosis: Like a pregnancy it will all be over in a few hours on Sunday March 7th, 2010. Oscars: The biggest movie event of the year.

But let’s have a little fun with the Stars, the Gowns and the Designers (just like guessing the gender of the baby, which nobody does anymore) and predict who just might qualify for an Oscar for the Best-Dressed List.

And the Nominees Are:

Sandra Bullock – Tall, willowy, spunky, willing to laugh at herself but non-the-less her star is on the rise and so should her choice of gown. Nominated for Best Actress in the Blind Side, which is also nominated for Best Picture, this is her year to go all out. In the past her choices have not necessarily emphasized her best features, washed her out or were too casual. With provocative almond eyes and genuine flashy smile, she stunned at the Golden Globes and we expect something even better for Oscar.  Like this Armani Prive from the Couture Shows in Paris. The unfathomable, inky blue is perfect to give dimension to her already sultry tones. This gown will give her that Va-va-voom radiance.

Carey Mulligan – Nominated for Best Actress in An Education and full of smoldering innocence. This accomplished British actress is the little girl that wakes up and realizes she is a woman one day and as such should adorn herself accordingly. While lovely at the Globes, black decidedly washed her out so we shall suggest, ever so persuasevly, that she try a color that draws on all that peaches-and-cream English complexion like this romantic Valentino Couture covered in a bed of fabric petals in the softest shade of blush (peacock mask is probably not a wise makeup choice, however).

Penelope Cruz – With perhaps the most captivating eyes, her Latin beauty and incredible talent have carried her right to the top of Hollywood. Nominated as Best Supporting Actress in Nine she sends a wildly provocative message in her role. We love her Red Carpet choices and voted her best dressed of the Globes. For the Oscars she needs a million dollar look that continues to bring out the Golden Ages of Hollywood Glamour. Even though she went with black at the Globes my suggestion for Oscar is Christian Dior Couture. John Galliano is a master at costume and this gown would put her at the top of the List.

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Sassy, Smart and Sizzling hot, this Hollywood Star can do everything from super hero to down home mama. But for the Oscars she needs to leave the languid nudes behind and create some cutting edge excitement. With a face from the Hollywood of Greta Garbo and Lauren Bacall, she deserves a gown dripping in Couture, like Josephus Thimster’s Pre Fall creation of liquid gunmetal. 
Anna Kendrick – Nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Up in the Air fluttered down in Star(dom) at the Globes dressed like an angel in Marchesa. Anna has all the makings of Sceen Siren with arching brows, matchless smile and sapphire blue eyes, with her sometimes drop dead jewels, sometimes pony tails, Anna can play many roles ( like from Twilight vamp to George Clooney’s assistant). For the Oscars that role needs to be Super A-List Hollywood Glamour Girl in a luxurious gown. We suggest something fresh from Spring RTW Ralph Lauren in puddle blue and pearl to match those luminous eyes.

Those are a few of the Nominees but what of the Star Studded Cast that shows up to present, support and generally help flush the economy with all that Hollywood Glitzy Goodwill? It is tantalizingly there but we will leave it, for another day..

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