New Kids Own the Block

Proenza Schouler‘s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez are decidedly defining what is hot in Fashion right now. With the only unsolicited Stars in the Front Row, it was a “Let’s see what we will be wearing on the street next Fall,”  moment. Boldly going where few are attempting into graphics and brights together, the design team filled their runway with edgy color, thigh-high black stockings and mussed-up hair. The youth do not miss a beat in times of uncertainty. Forging on ahead without fear like a college student bungee jumping Spring Break leap, we now know what we will be wearing.

Youthful stars will not be able to resist the tulle, the lace and the glamor of Marchesa on the Red Carpet. Designer Georgina Chapman is about the business of supplying them with looks for everything from galas, movie openings to Oscar nominations. Those who are not up for prizes will be drawn to the bevy of Hollywood Cocktails. It just doesn’t get any more Red Carpet than this.

Michael Kors, that decider of young designer’s fates and deliverer of classic one liners at Project Runway has himself dominated the runway for Fall with 64 looks that, if you cannot find something to love, then you must be a nudist. The runway dripped and oozed with creamy, buttery, caramely lusciousness. This designer is so prolific that nearly every thought is a new look. Draped, fur hooded, embellished gracefully, and peep-toe accordingly this collection is a designer that understands how to dress women, and men for today. Michael is defining what that means. If you had the slightest question of what a FALL COLLECTION should be, well, this is it.

We get a glimpse of what happens across the great Atlantic pond with Temperly London in a chic little stripe suit. Most of the collection reflected the put-together British appeal with lots of lovely accessorized embellishments. Black and white with a touch of yellow nearly says Spring but here and there were dollops of purple just to remind us of a deeper time of year in Fall. 

Elegance and grace, not words associated with angry youth working out their places in the world.  But this is exactly what Elie Tahari wants to dress us in. I felt as if I was going on a voyage complete with an Atlantic crossing aboard a very posh cruise ship that sports teak deck chairs and papa in white a white straw hat. Pinch me, I am not in the 1900’s but I could feel as elegant as anyone stepping aboard the Titanic in this stylish round the world collection. And I would have the luxury to do so in the 2010’s. 

Lastly today Tory Burch surprised  me with what she calls her departure evolution. Even though most of the collection had, what appeared to me as distinctly Tory Burch styling, she meant for this Fall Collection to be different in a directional way recognizing that to fail to evolve is to die. Gone are the gold Logo buckles and embellishments. The new Tory seems to have embraced draping, layering, blending and black for the sake of black. I just can’t wrap my mind around the lace up carpenter boots for evening, unless of course, you live in Vermont.

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  1. love what you said about Michael Kors. And the insight on new designers is great! Merci! Now I totally want to look up Elie Tahari!!!

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