Ski Lodge Chic

Something about the projected images of snow at the catwalk entrance, something about the near smell of snow in the air, something about the rich cross plank boards of the runway let you know that Dolce & Gabbana were going to turn Milan into a winter wonderland and give us Nordic Gold in their Fall Winter 2010 Collection for Women. 

Opening piece

That fabulous fashion design team added to their diverse list of fashion niches with an entire show in Milan dedicated to the Snow Bunny in us all. With fur flying, floaty feathery dresses, Nordic cardigans and wispy hair billowing lightly behind, the runway never looked so cool. With the technology of Live Streaming and a full packed crowd overlooking the rich wood runway, there was  no need to worry stilettos as each model wore cushy, scrumptious fur covered boots.  The opening piece reminded us that pants are totally optional on the ski slopes but Glitter Goggles are a must!

Chanel Inman in D&G Glitter Goggles

In fact goggles and handbags were on most of the models. One supposes that in times of uncertainty, customers will always buy accessories. They went all out, adding trinkets and charms to the decidedly “Austrian” feel in the collection’s handbags. You got a good picture that a handbags are needed to complete a look, furthering the lure of accessories.

Dresses are the new ski-wear as light as feather textures floated down the runway, held down only by substantial exquisitely knitted cardigans and scarves. The Nordic look was seen throughout the fabrics and details on each dress. Notice the tiny ruffles and inset Nordic knits in some of the designs.

 Each look was completed with either fur covered or Nordic knit boots that make you want to put them on forever. The theme was a definite nod to soft plushness. the dress mode extended to knit dresses, decorated like an alpine tree with scarves, hats and those luscious boots. 

Not to be outdone, shorts were played throughout the Show in dramatic black, winter white or knit designs as they flirted with warm something. What? Fireplaces, crowded ski bars, hot tubs, or hot toddies, there’s lots of places to wear shorts in winter and there is always spring skiing, you know.

Alpine Tuxedo Chic

If you feel a bit chilly, the boys have whipped up some warming trends with fabulous coats in luxurious furs, downy soft knits and leather.

And just in case you wondered where the real snow bunny comes in, they got that covered in heat to toe snowflake print body suit and fur lined jackets. Those slopes won’t know what hit ’em!

Leggings and jacket detail

What things in life are white? Snow, yeah we got that one, marshmallows, cream, clouds, and gauzy, feathery gorgeous gowns that Dolce & Gabbana descend onto the runway in a blizzard of a finale. 

In stunning form, the Italians have hit gold! Thank you Boys, Bravo!

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