Gucci Streams to the Gold

Gucci in characteristic Italian style, delivers a polished, impossibly chic Milan Fall/Winter 2010 Show not only to a packed venue but to the rest of the world. The technology break-through of Live Streaming has made Front Row fashion show watching a spectator sport for the entire online world. Gucci elected to not only stream the Show live through the popular Facebook but also gave bloggers and fans alike the choice of commenting on Twitter. That is not all, Gucci Official had their own Social Media PR maven on and commenting on the Live Stream as the show unfolded, giving viewers a running commentary of engineered fabrics, furs and accessory details. There were four screens; one large and three small on the right side. The screens were interchangeable with a click, allowing viewers to choose their angle of sight. Lighting was perfectly orchestrated to spot on each model making the fashion the star of the show (as opposed to the Front Row real estate). The result was a Show full of spectacularly executed ultra elegant pieces that makes most of the rest of the fashion world look contrived. In Italy, they have design, they do not need forced embellishments. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Gucci has any idea there is a major economic recession going on. Frida Giannini gives the world brilliant, clean, glorious design and luxury craftsmanship normally associated with the fine artwork of a Master. In other words, I need to win the lottery so I can buy everything she designs.

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