Fashion Warp Klingons

Fashion is waking up slowly in Paris. The designers are showing their darker moods fraught with indecision and incongruence. Or is this what happens when men, driven to desperation by the the fragility of our existence and dependence upon the economies we have built, find everything moved out of place. Certainly the first few days of Paris Fall Winter 2010 Fashion Week are diverse at the very least. 

There is the Dark and Dangerous Gareth Pugh where men wear pleated pants as large as ball gowns and women wear chain-mail. And then there is the leather armor in case the end is closer than we think. One thing we can say for Mr. Pugh, he is consistent, if dark.

Then the following day Giles Deacon gave us a runway filled with admittedly “disconsolate girls from the sixtes…or a spaceship”. Are we lost? Do we need a spaceship back to earth? And speaking of earth, what on EARTH are the wires coming out of a few of the model’s bee-hive hair? Perhaps we should check the map. Just saying.

It all goes completely off the radar from there. Balmain, in an attempt to channel Coco Chanel and her insistence that women should be allowed to wear pants, got caught somewhere in Versailles, say pre-French Revolution. But wait, perhaps we are about to land on Planet Denobula in a Star Trek Episode because the gold foil dresses and pants (complete with combat boots) are blinding me. Even Lt. Uhura would be proud of those shoulders. Throw in leather rock and roll pants and a purple fox jacket and you have the makings of a PETA fight. This collection by designer Christophe Decarnin was said to be clever and sexy. But will anyone (besides Brittany Spears) wear this? What part of this is a collection?

 Then there must have been an explosion at the sequin factory and they all landed on the Manish Arora Runway. The hours it took to sew all of those sequins on each look is astounding, the reason is beyond my imagination. Interesting, yes, as art. But fashion? I am only an amateur  critic but this is way past my ability to take seriously. Is this really where we are in the world of fashion today? I mean what is the purpose of those brushes extending from the side of the head? I do have to say, however, at least it is not dark and depressing.

 And lastly, just be bring us careening back to earth Balencagia went with such a relaxed look that much of it looked at odds with itself. This look at least landed with a road map or a newspaper. Thank goodness, maybe tomorrow we will know where we are going.

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