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I love Paris is the Springtime, I love Paris in the Fall, heck, I love Paris anytime! Today the Paris Runway rocked horses, or at the very least, the sound of them. You guessed it, that master of stage setting, John Galliano is at it again and Christian Dior is off to the races, horse races that is. With jaunty top hat and crop in hand, the illustrious designer put on a show for Paris, reminiscent of the young Mozart in one of his exhibitions, he opened with his main trump card, the unimaginable beauty: Karlie Kloss. The man is just full of amazing stuff. He puts it all down on paper, they measure, they cut, they stitch here and there and Voila a collection is born. There was plenty of transparent blouses, lace stockings, thigh-high boots and knitted girlie ruffled-top stockings to provocate any wardrobe. Faces were pure Marlene Dietrich and there was probably more clothing that was appropriate in bed than on the street, but that, as we all know, will stop no one from wearing all of this everywhere. Bravo Dior! 

This is just a sweet little sample
Photos: Monica Feudi

Photo: Monica Feudi 

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