Nutcracker Sweet

Having spent copious amounts of time in annual Nutcracker rehearsals parading children through costumes for every character from the Mouse to the Snow Queen, I know just what this show is all about. While some called it a return to Vivian Westwood‘s bohemian rhapsody from the streets of London and Pickwick, I see the Stage. And it only stands to reason after having dressed half of the Names who walked the Green Carpet at the London Premier of Alice in Wonderland, why should she not just go with it? Vivian’s runway shows are flamboyant and theatrical anytime, but especially now. With her flaming hair and outlandish shoes, who would not want to come, like a 16th century English Faire and see the Punch and Judy Show? There must be a love for a little piriateering in her blood as well (either that or she just adores Johnny Depp like the rest of us), for most of the models sported jaunty little mustache and goatees, pointed and penciled in, of course.

It starts with the Artist, starving, of course, on the streets of London, but bursting with creative ambition and optimism.
He works with his canvas, painting only for himself.

(Incidentally each piece separately is pure design genius in this fantastic collection. That she puts them together in the way she does for the runway, well, that’s why you paid for that ticket)

Then he sees a forlorn muse with dreams of love and happiness. She is actually a princess both in her heart and those dreams. 

Taking pity he paints her dreams. And behold, the Pirate becomes a Prince. There is just enough convincing gold on his boots to prove it.

(Here is introduced the theme of Prince Charming that runs through the entire show with many his name splashed on many of the pieces, low and high couture)

And for them he then creates a fantasy that will capture their love and her heart, filling it with joy. All of it done to evoke just one little smile. And the Story goes something like this..

First the dancing Teddy Bear is produced to make her laugh and does a spinning pirouette.  

Next the jumping Russian Cossack, the provocative Spanish laced senoritas, and the Waltz of the Flowers do their best to capture that longed for delight.

 Even the mouse king with his special blue gloves and his troops were martialed  and mustered, to no avail. Alas!

Then, our little Painter, in a stoke of genius, throws a party complete with streamers, crowns the Prince and showers the little maid with flowers. 

All for a smile!

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