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With the exit of Winter (good riddance, don’t let the door hit you..) last week and the arrival of Spring a little switch goes on in the brains of even the most fur clad winter lover of us all. It is just like the day they make us move the clocks forward…Sandal Time! So just in case you are pondering what to wear for straps and soles, here is a little rundown of what’s being offered.

Ralph Lauren Hossana Woven

So you have a little place in the South West and just can’t get enough of the painted desert thing. Ralph has got you covered with lariat whip precision, nothing could say “Ranch Spa, I’ll have the Dom Perignon with my minted towels please” more than this stacked heel platform. $695.

The sign reads: “We Keep our Animals Caged for Safety”. Need we say more? Prada, Gucci and Mui Mui are all on the list of endangered species and wearing in captivity is our only hope. $795, $990, $920 respectively. Ahem, just trying to keep the economy from endangerment.

Mui Mui Snakeskin
Prada Cutout Slingback
Gucci Venus
Fendi Zip 

“Zip it Shut,” whoever said that was definitely thinking along the lines of this sumptuously soft leather-enhanced, zipper-packing, hot-smoking, Fendi  peep-toe sandals. Don’t let that wood fool you, where there’s smoke, there’s fire! $750.

Michael Kors Metallic Knot

Pedal to the Metal just kinda makes you want to roll down the top (car) and see how fast you can go. White gold metallic straps tied in a knot (so you can remember what you came for) and set off with a shiny spike of a heel (so you can set it straight if you don’t). Just gotta love Michael Kors. $595.

Christian Louboutin Lim

Speak Softly and Strike with a Velvet Hammer. It is the stealthy kind of little ruse a Chrisian Louboutin girl would use. One part dazzling, one part under the radar, like the red sole that takes over the heart it’s victim and hits home every time. This cushy platform goes from dance floor to James Bond helicopter, buckles, velvet, red soles and all without missing a beat. $1145.

YSL T Strap

Color Code. Orange Alert, the hot color for Spring. YSL Sky-high and Strapped down to a T. Pair this dangerously sexy sandal with white capris and chunky turquoise/silver jewelry. Just add sunshine and stir for best results. $760.

Prada Perforated Bootie

All Models available at Neiman Marcus(photo credits – NM)

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