Shoe Freaks and Fetishes

Versace Spring 2010

Is it just me or was Spring/Summer 2010 the craziest season for shoes? Doing a little look over the detail archives, I was able to find some of the most difficult to wear shoes ever made. Certainly not your walk-in-the park, average-joe kinda toe warmers but definitely interesting. Art potential? Absolutley. Wearable? Only if you have a team of those well oiled muscular guys with a fez and gold arm bands to carry you around on the little chair, or, of course, if you happen to be Lady Gaga. That download billionaire wore the Alexander McQueen white skull and bones version in her Bad Romance Video, as you must remember, (she had to get to a billion somehow). 

Alexander McQueen SS

Kidding aside, some of these shoes designed for the runway and then snapped up by the insane shoe-freaks of the world were complete works of art. Color and Height were the theme. And who can forget the leaning toward Bondage Gladiator Trend this whole thing started. Now we will all look like Russel Crow and carry whips to the beach. Can’t wait. Actually, that would NOT be unusual at South Beach, if you know what I mean.

Gucci SS2010

Alexander McQueen SS2010
Lavin SS2010

Run for your Lives! Aliens are Approaching! Did you feel a little nervous during that Alexander McQueen Runway Show? Not if you had seen one of his Shows before but as a newbie, you might have just looked anxiously toward the exit door and secretly planned your escape. No one actually looked safe, models or audience during that spectacular show. Not knowing who would wear these, again besides Lady Gaga, and where, we will surely be seeing these on the Hollywood or New York social scene soon. I cannot wait to find out who wears these amazing pieces of art. Or who can afford them now that Lee has passed away, these belong in a museum (Natural History, or Outer Space).

McQueen SS2010
McQueen SS2010
McQueen SS2010
Lavin SS2010

Even though Mary Jane looks so demure, don’t let that fool you. These skyscrapers are over 6″ and judging by the model’s foot, are precarious at best to walk in. But the orange color will go with the Season’s best designs.

Proenza Schouler SS2010

Now if you are the Athletic Type you might want to try out the uber cool sport shoes from Proenza Schouler. I don’t know if you will qualify for the New York Marathon but you will definitely be able to stand at the water stations and stylishly hand out drinks!

For the Jelly-Hippie-Boho in you , stick with Prada, they have all the charms. And if you are a 50’s Retro Chick and loved Alfred Hitchcock Movies, you will love Mui Mui’s Spring Fling Pink Heel. Goes with the Poodle Skirt.

John Galliano SS2010

As Kie$ha says: The Party Doesn’t Stop there so get your dancing shoes on! Fendi and John Galliano know how to make a girl feel special with glass slippers, ribbons, bows, feathers and beads. Embellish is, what, their middle names! 

Fendi SS2010
Fendi SS2010

Givenchy SS2010
Louis Vuitton SS2010

Then there is always just the slightly insane eccentric designers that make these shoes to mess with your mind. “So this the new chic?” you wonder as you glance down and question fashion’s sanity. Oh, they are just playing with me, you chuckle,  breathing normally again, and pass for the more “practical” choices. For me, I think I shall just call the carpenter for more shoe shelves in my closet! 

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