Oscar Wedding Belles

Okay, I admit it, I HAVE been looking at the Bride magazines! I said I wouldn’t because, I am not a blushing baby bride. But a certain wedding planning website added to the long days spent looking for that perfect spot to celebrate have me casting furtive glances at the dresses. And, I will further admit to watching Oscar de la Renta Bridal Fashion Show. What is a girl to do? All that luscious swishy white fabric wrapped in fairy-tale princess-for-a-day dreams gets to you like the poppy fields in the Wizard of Oz. Before you know it you are dreaming of tulle and raspberry filling. I have learned a few things, as well. Bridal IS fashion. It is fashion at it’s most unleashed. 
It’s like asking an architect to design a castle, please. Turret? Yes, of course. A large helping from the Bridal Fashion Show with emphasis on the details. I will (promise) keep this firmly “Un-Poofy” as possible, but to prove my point, there will be design carry-over from Fall/Winter 2011. You will see feathers, crystal embellishment, Statement Necklaces, one shoulder, banding, cocktail couture, and even bold color.  I am taking you to the land where everyone lives happily ever after and gets to eat cake! (no, not Shriek-land). Just say “I do”!

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