Chic in Shanghai


Exoctic, colorful, full of mystery and intrigue…all of this is the Shanghai that lingers on the mind. John Galliano chose to center his last Lady Dior mini film starring Marion Cotillard around this amazing city. And this is where Dior chose as the setting for the Resort Collection Show. The huge, 50 piece collection is all about Resort. I’m just not sure which one. If resorting is in Shanghai, it is all above ground, way above. The Four Seasons is a lovely, urban hotel that offers sweeping views of the city of many colors. If we are off to other lands, then we might want to go to the resorts of the mind in years past. Some of the looks evoke post war softness and the relax of restrictions, including clothing. But Dior knows the Oriental love of pink and pastel as most of the collection’s colors took on a decidedly cake frosting look. One dress completely reminded me of those fancy bakery cakes that make the frosting into a dress for Barbie. In fact many of the outfits look like the original Barbie clothes. Well, she was a fashion icon in her day!

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