The All Inclusive Resort

 When we think of Resort, it used to evoke images of sun-kissed beaches with those delightfully white shorted pool-boys bringing endless trays of frozen drinks decked with pink umbrellas and pineapple wedges. But it seems the designers are extending this trend to include any and every type of Resort. This little shoulder season fashion runway has brought out the creative in several of the more prominent and not so prominent designers. But, quite frankly, we like it that way. So like a passport book chock full of stamps, we shall wander the world in search of the last resort.

Chanel: Karl Lagerfeld, for all his self-proclaimed people disconnect, has hit spot-on with 2011 Resort. Set in the lovely Saint-Tropez and embellished with a biker (and thankfully looking nothing like his mini film), he sent out a retro upscale, millionaire hippie-type 70’s collection that was rather beautiful. Lots of swim, lounge wear and dresses hugely Coco-esque. And the big theme this year in Resort: barefoot or boots!

Burberry: No one can fault Christopher Bailey for straying from the brand. He continues to drive Burberry in the direction of not only trench coats but strikingly beautiful clothes for men and women. Resort (there must be some that have rain!) was just another excuse to create more of the beautiful same (including boots). And we Love!

Bottega Veneta:When I think of Bottega Veneta I used to think of handbags but from now on my mind will conjure up images of powerful women and the luxurious clothes they wear. Very Lipstick Jungle. Resort was compared to power women on vacation but some of the pieces were relaxed enough to make me think of riding in a convertible all over the South of France, coordinating handbags, of course!

Yves Saint Laurent: Whomever said the YSL House should stick with luggage and handbags is not paying attention to the chord the venerable leather goods company is striking with the clothes-horse crowd. Clearly YSL Resort has what it takes to not only compete with decades established apparel designers, but is giving them a good run on the money. This is truly something we would all pack in our lovely YSL carry-on baggage to any little weekend get away.

 Vena Cava: Winning reviews by none other than Vogue’s very popular “Look-of-the-Day” and nearly beating out Chanel for the number one spot, Vena Cava delivers the complete Resort Look of the Hamptons. It is after-all, getting a bit hot in New York suddenly, isn’t it??

Thakoon: How do they know that I will be traveling with my new four footed princess and need to make the most of every outfit; so this is the perfect work to bedroom approach I was so going for. It was just the touch to the collection! 

 Michael Kors: This year Michael wanted us to be ready for any type of resort. Some people do ski the Andes in mid-summer to beat the heat, you know. His collection, which was customarily huge, included the entire gamut from swim to fur. We show both, in his signature earthy tones.

Jason Wu: This year’s winner of this year’s CFDA Swarovski Award for Womenswear presented a Resort collection with a bit of whimsy, mind you, only a bit; the tiny straw hats. As for the clothing, it was astonishingly sophisticated for a designer in only his 3rd year. It was nothing short of amazing. Texture, color, hemlines; it was a bona-fide collection that happened to be at Resort time. We are amazed.

Donna Karan: What can we say except that Donna is the master at draping. Every piece expertly caresses the female form and falls just perfectly. Donna’s collection was entirely delicious. My personal favorite of Resort was the liquid silver gown. Bravo!

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