All the Good Men are Taken

Watching the Men’s Spring 2011 Collections presented I could not help but wonder why designers keep trying to change what men wear. In Tim Blanks review of the Prada show he described what he saw as “uniforms from around the globe emerged as the theme”. Not only did this statement humble me, as I saw no global implications until the menacing World War II German look marched out at the end, but it made me impatient. Men’s clothing is shirt and pants, some under garments and a few recreational swim garments. Throw in sweaters, jackets for a handful of functions and an overcoat and you have just about everything a man will wear. Tim clearly saw much more there. As I browsed the collections of designers, one after the other, I noticed that in their impatience toward men’s limited wardrobe choices, the designers tried to push the envelope into the world of skirts, leggings, handbags and yes, even dresses. It’s too much. Men have had the best tailoring for far too long. I refuse give up my dresses, skirts, leggings and handbags (not even trying to hide them behind the not-so-subtle “man/bag” moniker) sitting down. It will be war and I will recruit heavily. Something tells me that it has all been done before without much luck, but that does not stop my fashion incensed indignation!

Very skort-like Mens Shorts; Prada S2011
If it looks like a handbag, it probably is
Emporio Armani for Men S2011

Man Mini (skirt?) Costume National Men S2011
Very dress-like Montcler Gamma Bleu look

Montcler Gamma Bleu print leggings

 And Fashion People wonder why the world finds it difficult to take them seriously. I find some of these looks “experimental” for designers bored out of their minds over the limited clothing choices that men have. Might I suggest some exquisite, impeccable tailoring in lieu of this hodge-podge. I mean..seriously.

Mens S2011 Montcler Gamma Bleu

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