Are we Gucci Live?

One of the miracles of technology is that we can be there even if we are not actually there! Gucci live-streamed their Mens’ Spring Summer 2011 fashion show from Milan this morning to the world. Starting to a very excited streaming crowd that doesn’t understand that fashion shows never start on time, Gucci gave us not one but four streaming views of pre-show preparation.  When the show actually started, most of the live stream banter was limited to Oohs and Aahs and admiration for what technology has and is doing for the fashion industry. 
I was able to further push the techno-edge and grab some screen shots during the show and have them, literally seconds from the finale. Just pretend I was there! Enjoy!

Horsebit Men’s gradient toffee leather shoes
Double breasted silk suit in charcoal
The double GG detail on a belt buckle
Gucci Horsebit black loafers
White double breasted jacket, skinny pant and to-die-for carry-all bag

Much anticipated Gucci Summer 2011 Sunwear

Impeccable Gucci Silk Evening Jacket in Ebony

Gucci Finale

The amazing Gucci designer, Frida Giannini

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