Party Nights and Shining Lights

Bilini Bar

Everything was sparkly and shiny at Rik Rak Salon in Miami on Friday Night as Ric and Raquel Watters welcomed the wonderful swirl of Fashion, Technology, Art and Celebrity (not to mention cupcakes and crazy Bilinis) for the Party of the Summer! Fashion reigned supreme as ladies came dressed in summer dresses and accessories. Everyone was all smiles at the complimentary Champagne Spritzer Bar where the girls hand mixed up bubbly little glasses of fun!  The cupcakes were provided by and were devilishly infused with decadent liquors. I am naming them “Cup Cake Shots” in honor of the night! Rik Rak Salon is a one of a kind place where you can shop for fashionable bikinis, dresses, hats, shoes and sparklies! When you get hungry, they feed you (lunch, breakfast or snacks) and when you need pampering, they are on top of that too! The staff was there dressed for fun and frolic, but their best accessory was their friendliness. 

Blonde vs Brunettes Event: Raquel Waters & Ellie
Hat to rival Kentucky Derby
Fabulous Shoe Shop

Fresh and Clutch were on hand to chill us 

Adam from the front desk looking dashing

Miami Girls have more fun 

Girls do just wanna have fun!

Dapper Boy

The evening’s event was all about deciding who has more fun; blondes or brunettes. Strategically placed and providing a chic backdrop to the shop were paintings by the artist, Elisabetta Fantone . A vote was taken, they were all fabulous!

The lovely Julia Roberts
Liz Taylor strikingly similar to Dita Von Teese
Judy Garland
Madonna looking none to pleased

Meanwhile the shop was hopping with Social Media galore! Miami based BRPR Group,  were so thrilled to be launching their brand new website at this event.  A Miami coupon is tweeted each day for some amazing deals. You can sign up on their fabulous new website and be reminded on Twitter. Live streaming crew,  were on hand to make sure we were all experiencing our 15 minutes of Web Fame. This duo is up on all the latest techno tricks for live photography. And not to be forgotten, because he kept the vibe going, pounding out and playing with all that party sound was DJ, Todd Thibo. 

There was a frisson of excitement as Gretchen Christine Rossi arrived wrapped in a hot pink Herve Leger bandage dress and one of her famously stunning smiles. Everyone crowded around the starlet from The Real Housewives of Orange County to chat with her and snap a photo. She was delightfully gracious and sweet to us all. Of course the staff at Rik Rak rolled out the red carpet for her as her painting was unveiled right in the Salon during the party. I can’t remember when I had so much fun! Rik Rak definitely Rocks!

Gretchen Rossi of The Real Housewives of Orange County

The beautiful Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen Rossi painting unveiled

Gretchen Rossi and the Girls

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