Haute Haute Haute

Summer is the perfect time for Haute Couture. This is the time when we would never be clamoring to wear any of the heavy voluminous fashion sent down that very Haute Runway. But wait, not so fast, says one designer after another. Because what we are in Haute pursuit of today may  be just a passing fancy tomorrow, so there is a very mixed fashion bag in just what is Haute and what is Not.  

The amazing thing about Haute Couture is not whether it is wearable or not. That being said, it is the most horrendously expensive and highly sought after among the frighteningly and fabulously wealthy women of the world. All five of them. Well, maybe more than five but you get my point. The alarming trend among the handful of Haute designers this year, aside from all the shades of brown satin, was this movement toward a wardrobe of Haute. Pants, tops, jackets, skirts and the like being sent down the runway along with gowns so huge even Lady Gaga would be hard pressed to find a way to travel in them in anything less than a crane. John Galliano seems to be the only hold-out for real Haute Couture, designed for nothing more than the sheer thrill of creating a one of a kind gown with amazing and theatrical fabrics and material. All for the Grand Stage that is Life.

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