CIA.Marítima™ in the Grand Cabana

It just goes to show that if you wait, you shall inherit the earth, or at least a seat in a Fashion Show. By this time Miami Olivia was getting pretty seasoned in the art of Fashion Show admittance. The key seems to be to bring a camera man with you. The girls at the desk nearly always find room for you to stand somewhere and the girls in the tents nearly always find room for you to sit. Sitting is key if one is to set up mini command central for a blogger. You need a lap to set the camera when you are using the phone camera and sending a Tweet to your waiting Twitter followers. There are priorities. While Tweets and photos are uploading, you can get six or seven more photos, but you have to be fast and keep your eyes on each piece so you can have something intelligent to say. It is all very exciting and totally exhausting. And every time you finish a show, you must exit the venue and come around again to the girl at the desk. It isn’t so bad though since you are served a wonderfully refreshing drink each and every time so by the end of the night you can barely walk. Of course I am kidding about the drinks because it was impossible to pass up the tubs of iced bottles of Jennifer Aniston Smart Water that lined the palm walk ways. 
Inside the tent was already filling up and the coveted Front Row was no exception where every seat was full of Miami’s most socially fashionable. Brazilian deisgner Benny Rosset for CIA.Marítima drew a lively crowd. 

Tiny Front Row Fashionistas

Quickly enough the lights went down and teeny swim suits and billowing caftans covered the runway and made us all think of sitting under a palm tree or taking a little walk along an azure water beach. The detailing had a decidedly Moroccan theme with bright jewel colors, harem pants and gold bangles and bracelets. Bikinis, one piece suits and cover ups were all exquisitely detailed and finely fitted. Yeah, those models were gorgeous! The music was pumping and there were loud cheers at the conclusion of the Show. 

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