Saving the Best for Last – Luli Fama Swim

Being a big fan of having dessert before dinner on occasion, it was very self disciplined of me to save my favorite Swim Show for last. The night was deliciously warm, the breeze and the drinks were tropical and really nothing could go wrong at this point in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim. Nothing, that is but all of the batteries died on every electronic piece of image taking device near the end of this fabulous show. The triumphant ending with the designers, Cuban born Lourdes “Luli” Hanimian and Augusto Hanimian (her brother-in-law), arm in arm with the spectacular final design; the Locas Aventuras crystallized strappy one-piece and a flowing cover-up gown billowing  down the runway was like the icing on the cake.

From the minute I arrived in the “Oasis Cabana”, as this tent was called, presumably for the sand floor (I had to take off my Dior heels lest I sink), I felt like we entered a grand party. Many of the spectators were as in love with Luli Fama as I have become. The show began with Robert Elias‘s seductive Latin voice raising the tempo of for the entire show. The colors were vibrant and as compelling as a candy shop. Models with amazing bodies strutted the runway and bounced to the hot Miami beat. Each piece was perfection and makes me want to go to the gym so I could fit into one of those beautiful swim suits. Without further ado then, let me present: 

luli fama

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