The Zipper’s Stuck so Just Zip it!

Fall is time for Fashion and let’s face it, the fastest way to solve the what should I buy dilemma is to vamp up last year’s wardrobe with a few embellishments. but to feel instantly “in style” while checking out all the new designer offerings, we might just snag ourselves a real pick-me-up with a new handbag. 
There are a few designers that want us to save our money for their fashions and let us off the hook with a moderately priced handbag or two. But the fun thing is that none of them have lost their love of the ZIPS! Zippers abound all the way from the 4 figure handbag to the online quick sale specials. Zippers seem to have stuck around for years now. It seems we love not only all those little pockets to put things but we love the sound of the zip.

Lauren Handbags $348

While we adore Ralph Lauren, we simply cannot spend three mortgage payments on a handbag just now so we welcome the newly introduce Lauren line with open arms (convenient for hanging a handbags on). The website even helps you decide just what type of silhouette you want to dramatize with said handbag. Zip from the top.

Tory Burch Steffi Handbag $450

Tory Burch has such a unique logo that it is fun to see a handbag with some of her equally fun and unique patterns and texture. This bag has a decidedly camo feel to it with the requisite zips on the sides for quick access while sporting this hobo over the shoulder. If it isn’t too matchy-matchy, there are Tory Burch Jeans in the same pattern.

Michael Kors Layton Handbag $368 

Michael Kors, that designer for all time turned comedian (on Project Runway), consistently gives us so many timeless choices to zip in and zip up a handbag that will outlast the season. In both black and this sumptuous saddle brown for Fall, with delicious little pockets and zippered pouches, this hobo is a perfect wardrobe and style updater. It is large and fits neatly over the shoulder while toting around an umbrella or shopping bag and hailing a cab.

Calvin Klein Unzipped Hobo $278

Calvin Klein, is becoming known as the stealth minimalist of fashion design. His fall arrivals are sleek, black and designed to highlight the lady wearing the fashion rather than the other way around. But he has not given up totally on embellishment, and zips remain adding just a touch of metal and provide closure to those wonderful pockets. 

DKNY Luster Leather Satchel $285

Nut brown for Fall, add a chunky scarf and a camel jacket and DKNY makes you feel like you live for this time of year. Leather textured with croc, pebble and snake stripes so it will pair with any shoe or accessory, and the extra long strap is designed to stay on the shoulder while racing through the street of New York (or your city), we love this bag. The zipper nests coyly near the top where it is nearly hidden but terribly accessible for subway tickets or cab fare. And team DKNY delivers at such an affordable price, there just might be change left over for the boots!

That about zips it up for Fall. Now there is no excuse to drag around that old tired handbag from 4 years ago. Fashion is all zipped up.

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