The Art of the Show – Paris Fashion Week

Something in the air in Paris changes everything. The pastries are designed like flower arrangements, eating is done on display in cafes, lamp posts are worthy of photographic studies, even street signs contain poignant meaning and hidden drama. It is … Continue reading

Spring Forward – Fall Back

Dior Bootie As the Season of Fashion Weeks progresses and we find out what we will want, like, desire, and will buy NEXT Spring, we find ourselves easing into Fall and trying to remember what we loved when the last … Continue reading

The Dark Side of Spring – Giorgio Armani

One certainly never wants to question the creative genius of a designer like Giorgio Armani, who delivered an Ã¼ber futuristic Emporio Collection during Milan Fashion Week, so instead we will attempt to interpret the Giorgio Armani Spring 2011 macabre. I have witnessed … Continue reading

Dolce Means Sweet

The fabulous Italian boys have done it again. Spring will be white. Spring will be ladylike. Spring will be Opulent! Dubbed the wedding trousseau, Dominico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have put their superior craftsmanship into their Spring 2011 Collection. The … Continue reading

Moschino (Anything But) Cheap & Chic

Razzel dazzel, stripes and polka-dots, cha-cha fringe and ribbon festoons, primary colors paired with show stopping black and white: it was all there and  more. Like so many toy dolls come to life, Moschino designer Rosella Jardini dressed them, wound them … Continue reading