Ports 1961 – Global Soul, Modern Spirit

Ports 1961 is a contemporary company in the way that water that flows in a river is contemporary, always current and evolving. They take a multi-cultural approach to design the way the river gathers waters from each hillside and desert it passes through blending it into a design unto itself. The same way that the river finds its own balance and creates its own path, Ports 1961 designs to accommodate the way a woman’s elegance must be comfortable with her daily needs. The result: Runway Spring 2011 will be about the confluence of Style, Elegance, Comfort and the many places the river has been. We welcome the journey.

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Ports 1961 – Global Soul, Modern Spirit — 1 Comment

  1. I have witnessed the opening of their first concession in the UK in Harvey Nichols in London this year (it was March I guess))) And I helped personally with the look of the concession and merchandising and met their CEO)) and we had Olivia Palermo as a spoke person for the brand…I just loove their color selection and Asian-inspired minimalistic yet elegant and very feminine look. Glad you've decided to mention this lovely brand)))

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