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Pinch me I am here, New York City. Center of the World. Fashion World at least! Being a bona-fide, credentialed, member of the press and receiving my bar-coded ID tag was dizzying in the least. To actually wield the power of the tag has been a much more humbling experience. 
Fashion Week has begun and Mercedes Benz has teamed up with AOL to deliver an amazing technological experience for anyone who packs an iPhone, Blackberry or laptop. If you Tweet, you will be welcomed with the open arms of the Twitter Cloud Wall when you enter the Lobby.  
Armies of tech-savvy workers surround every device, ready and able to help you scan, print, click, whatever you need to remain productive at the Shows. It is streamlined and slick making the hearts of those of us who spend most of our day at a computer, sing for joy. 

But while the technology is amazing, we are here for Fashion! And while we waited in line for Concept Korea to start, we were lucky enough to spy the Verrier collection in one of the Outdoor Boxes where attendees were treated to champagne and fresh air!

 Inside the Concept Korea Show and seated (there is a god!) the show highlighted 3 designers each with their own focus, style and vibe. First, Kwak Jyun Joo presented a fantasy play on Snow White, Korean style that included their famous character Pucca. The designs were lighthearted and young, with colorful braided tassels down the backs of half sweaters, gauzy tops and plenty of spring green. 

Juyoung Lee, with a considerably more serious bent, blasted on the runway with heavy music, color and presence, called Resurrection. The Men’s Collection she presented gave one the feeling of a softer kind of gladiator, one that wears not only skirts and lace but filmy black gauzy fabrics and even ruffles. The look, however was unmistakably masculine. 

 Lee Jean Youn, winner of Korean Design Award, Next Generation Design Leader, presented a fantastic fantasy collection full of drama and detail. Each model, after presenting her look, remained on the runway in a double line that reminded me of a doll collection. The collection furthered the drama by evoking the sense of ancient Mongolia. The last two pieces were part of a Wedding fantasy. This young Korean designer is taking notes from the ever dramatic John Galliano!

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