Ports 1961 SS2011 – Delicate and Harmonic

With hair coiffed to billow like the silky gowns that glided down the Ports 1961 Runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York, models were a vision of designer Fiona Cibani, inspiration. It is no accident that when you visit the deserts of the world, your eyes see the secret magical tones and textures of the enduring nomadic lands. Likewise, the shimmering oasis, like jewels dropped from the sky rose up as piece after amazing piece was adorned like Minerva. To say the gowns took your breath away is without question. The craftsmanship of expert draping of the female form coupled with textiles that literally floated upon the air and suedes  soft as the dust of earth was astounding. The progression of soft earth tones to dazzling desert jewels in the embellished gowns as well as tailored pieces made this one of the outstanding Collections for Spring/Summer 2011.

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