Vazes and Amazones by Vassilois Kostetsos

The Athens born designer used ancient vases and the depictions of the Amazon women as his inspiration for this diverse collection. Using silks, vase pictorials and color, the designer’s artistic talent dazzled. Prominent was the wide structured shoulders that while attempting to narrow the waist, instead gave the impression of costume. Sparkled, nearly iridescent gowns in pure white, reminiscent of Athena herself along with party frocks and day dresses of silk and cerulean chiffon made up most of this varied collection. Leather teeth embellished not only single arm shoulder pads and shoes but wide stripes down the back of tight dresses creating texture and contrast. The end of the show had both male and female Gothic draping of over jacket and gown of elaborate charcoal spiderweb bead work. Judging by those in attendance, there is definitely a market for this style. This S/S2011 Collection is an important one for the Greek designer as he reflects a rich heritage and artistic diversity in New York during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

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