Toni Francesc Urban Forest

Granted we have seen some exotic things from this eco-friendly designer but for Spring 2011 he but his heart into this stunning collection. Titled “Urban Forest”, the only thing missing at this show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, were bird calls. Lights projected to make the entire room look as if under trees.  A natural forest tone palette and actual wood used in handbags, body art, and fitted into the clothing gave a quiet calm to the collection. With heavy reliance on draping, Toni Francesc allows the cloth to extend and billow, creating a very long, dramatic line particularly when designed with the polished wood breast and shoulder pieces. He pays a great deal of his attention to the retreating form so the backs of pieces have the most detail. Glints of bright color within the collection mimicked sudden shafts of forest light. There was a  hushed quality to every piece that exudes confidence. Best was the obvious relief from the designer himself at the conclusion of the show as he ran down the runway and took a bow. A creatively inspired and elegantly refined collection for Toni Francesc.

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