Jaunt to Argentina – Argentina Group SS2011 Show, New York

The advantage of having your show presented in a far away country is that you can pool your best design talent, call it a group and make Amazing! Well worth the wait till nearly the end of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Argentina Group showcased  6 fantastic designers in a show worthy of its heritage. Known for their cattle breeding, the runway was lined with signature black and white cow-hide stitched to fit. 

La Dolfina
Adolfo Cambiaso, a popular International Polo Player, created and delightfully surprised us with a genuine collection for Polo. Everyday, Sport (complete with helmets) and After Polo collections were combined in 10 Looks for Men and Women. Working jodhpurs as well as pencil skirts and sumptuous leather boots fitted out the show. Models even carried riding crops to further authenticate the look.

Laura Valenzuela
A designer from Buenos Aires that employs the gamut from silk to antique appliqué to recycled clothing, Valenzeula more than delighted with a Fairy Princess theme. Attendees audiably took in their breath for the first piece that featured plumed feathers incorporated into the gown’s straps. Each piece spoke of woodland fairies and magical fantasy.

Evangelina Bomparola – 

Boldly elegant and simply classic, Bomparola used satin silks in black and white to portray the classic 50’s breakout woman that suddenly smoked, drank martinis and yet maintained that certain femme fatal with large sculpted hair and heavily highlighted eyes. Gowns were slinky and evocative in an Audrey Hepburn kind of way.  

Marcelo Senra – 
Heavily influenced by Urban North America, Senra creates a collection of true design impact. Woven vegetable fibers strung with porcelain beads, feather and woven paper necklines, even brown paper fringe dresses made up this amazingly diverse collection. Models were cast in a decidedly urban tribal theme where hair and faces had colorful painting to further complete the tempo of the 7 indigenous artistic designs.

Maria Pryor
Lights dimmed, eerie organ music began and attendees were at once called up Phantom of the Opera’s Christine arch-angel meets Goth. Pure white, the entire collection was more an entertainment than a Fashion Show. Pryor certainly knows how to grab the crowd’s attention. Wraith after wraith floated out on the River Styx runway in everything from tulle tanks studded with Swarovski crystals to chain mail vests and leather elbow length gloves. This study in white was a true vamp enchantment. 

Pablo Ramirez – 

Intensely popular, Ramirez did not disappoint the expectant room full of loyal followers. Known for costume design in various artistic performances, the Spring 2011 collection featured black  on white dramatic designs of Quaker meets dominatrix. Flowing black gowns with prim white portrait collars were paired with black leather gloves with elbow wings. Trousers were elaborately high waisted, accentuation the flowing pant legs. Every model donned elaborately  tall black English Bobby style hats woven of the finest straw, complete with chin straps. The effect was stunning as it was show-stopping. 

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