Costume National at the Milan Piazza Duomo

The spectacle in the center of Milan tonight was the runway show for CNC: CoSTUME National. The entire piazza was transformed into a giant runway show and even the rain did not deter the Italian Fashion Crowd. Hundreds of umbrellas opened up and made it look as if flowers sprouted on the very pavements. The huge runway traversed the piazza as the Horrors, a British Band sang despite the falling rain. There was enough of a covering that they did not get drenched nor did the seated crowd. There was a poetic reading referring to the sacredness of Spring and Nature. Then a rather modern, nearly nude dance troupe did their interpretation of the emergence of Spring. A very poignant message on this first day of Autumn. 
the collection began with blush nudes in single layer tissue paper thin chiffons. Men and women had khaki day clothes and trenches that gave way to more styled yet nearly austere blouses and jackets. The emphasis was on draping the body with the lightest touch and minimum of restriction. This was especially apparent when one of the gowns was allowed to slough off the model’s arm, exposing a bare breast. The gowns, if you could call them gowns were more caftans of intense color blocked with nudes. Shoes were mules in various colors and handbags were envelope clutches ornamented solely by their bright colors. This was minimalism in its barest form and one that was unusual for Costume National. Designer Ennio Capasa is continuing his themes from Resort and Men’s Wear of wearable clothing of the most basic almost futuristic designs. It is as if he is waiting for rebirth.


Designer Ennio Capasa and male models

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