Moschino (Anything But) Cheap & Chic

Razzel dazzel, stripes and polka-dots, cha-cha fringe and ribbon festoons, primary colors paired with show stopping black and white: it was all there and  more. Like so many toy dolls come to life, Moschino designer Rosella Jardini dressed them, wound them up and sent them down the runway. The accessories in this line only bringing to life even more the summer-seaside-holiday of the entire collection. Sandals were tied with wide striped  ribbon. True there were cowboy hats. But what summer holiday doesn’t have a cowboy or two. The hats only further mimicked the doll-like appearance. There were gypsys, barmaids, Carmen Mirandas and even captain-like pant suits with swinging gold fringe. The line was as fun to watch strut down the runway as a hurdy-gurdy man with a dancing monkey. The dresses were loose and capricious, the high waisted pants, short or shortened to reveal the shoes underneath. Hair was tucked away under bandanas or hats, sometimes both. Cheeks were bright pink and lips luscious red. Moschino Cheap & Chic hit the right note of fun and sexy for Summer 2011.

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