The Dark Side of Spring – Giorgio Armani

One certainly never wants to question the creative genius of a designer like Giorgio Armani, who delivered an über futuristic Emporio Collection during Milan Fashion Week, so instead we will attempt to interpret the Giorgio Armani Spring 2011 macabre. I have witnessed those Mediterranean beach goers, dressed in micro bikinis but covered in a black (what appears to be) evening gown, bedecked in gold bangles to the elbow. If you view the collection as something you can use to invest in, wardrobe pieces that are timeless yet cutting edge, then you can appreciate the nearly all black (with glints of deep blue) Giorgio Armani Spring 2011 Collection. There were not only entire looks and individual pieces to those looks but an noticeable shift in dressing that Mr. Armani is working with. If you looked closely you noted flat shoes paired with evening gowns that did not touch the floor, making it easier to walk. 

Pieces were simple, yet incredibly elegant and combined with elaborate accessories closer to the face. Makeup was dramatic, centering on the eyes. Earthy necklaces were mixed with baroque tassels that daringly flaunted on a single ear. It was unsettling to see this amount of black and bruise blue, however, is Mr. Armani asking us to look deep inside and bring out what is beautiful, as in the ornate tiny single agate blue earring and  butterfly and on the midnight blue gown. Satin jackets are worn loosely over ankle length pants, sheers blouses and tops woven from multi textured ribbon, black leather zipped at angle along with beaded jackets fit for queens; this is not a spring collection, but a timeless one. From flirty layered chiffons to the severe body wrapping gowns each had spectacular glints of rich beading or black crystals. Like the gems hidden deep within the earth, Giorgio Armani SS2011 is a treasure to bring forth.


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