Spring Forward – Fall Back

Dior Bootie

As the Season of Fashion Weeks progresses and we find out what we will want, like, desire, and will buy NEXT Spring, we find ourselves easing into Fall and trying to remember what we loved when the last Fashion Week was around. If this sounds a bit confusing it’s because it is. For reasons unknown to modern textile arts, we get to see the Season one Season early.  Some designers like Donna Karan, and Max Azria have fought the trend to no avail. They rail against the nonsense that no sane person can unravel regarding when these luscious items will become available but the trend sticks and we are always one season ahead…or behind, depending on how you look at it.

It is what it is, as the cool kids from California and New Zealand say, so we go with it. And after we drool about what is on the runway, we promptly put it all out of our minds and go shopping. 


What are we shopping for? Well, right now we are knee deep into fall clothing. At least we are “over-the-knee” if we are looking for boots. Or we could have a bad case of “bootie fever” and any department store has the cure. A mind boggling array of booties for Fall has hit the market like a leaves dropping in a Vermont forest. Some are so loosely designed as a boot that they really just look like sandals with a bit of armor. It certainly helps to have choices when you live in, say, San Diego. So while you are trying to figure out if you want to sprinkle a little Spring or Fall in your current wardrobe, get booted forward and see at what is out there NOW!

R Lauren
Burberry OTK

Ralph Lauren Fur Boot

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