The Art of the Show – Paris Fashion Week

Something in the air in Paris changes everything. The pastries are designed like flower arrangements, eating is done on display in cafes, lamp posts are worthy of photographic studies, even street signs contain poignant meaning and hidden drama. It is all so….French! So it is no surprise that Paris Fashion Week brings out a little Designer Drama. Imagine being faced with the dizzying array of hundreds of shows all over the city of Lights in a week. Just drawing respectable notoriety could be a major issue after all your hard design work.  So you hire a few top models, you book a crushingly expensive venue or you work it organically into your design so people have to stand up and take notice. 

Manish Arora, knows all about working it into his design. Since 1997 this designer has been wowing the fashion crowd. First in India then London and now in Paris, his designs have perplexed, delighted and probably dismayed many attendees. To see this show in Paris was not unlike seeing Cirque du Soleil for the first time; both frightening and fantastic. The designs speak for themselves because Manish Arora is full of color and larger than life. And he knows everybody eventually needs a taxi!

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