Fashion Has Gone to the Dogs

Taking a little break from the real world of Fashion to highlight some Halloween Fashion Fun. Chihuahua (Prada) is showing off her Halloween finery. This is her first Halloween and since she enjoys dressing up, and because Bloomingdales was having … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time – Rebecca Moses

At New York Fashion Week, some of the “Shows” were not exactly Runway Shows. They were served in a box, much like chocolates. It all involved sequestering one’s ticket early in the day, racing to the line and then standing … Continue reading

The Fact of the Matter

Fact: Fall is here. Fact: Winter is around the corner. Fact: it is a bit chillish in the morning but it heats up during the day only to feel a tad dampish at night. So how on earth does one … Continue reading

Sugar Rush

At the urging of several readers, I am abridging my Pilgrimages and Pumpkins post with the recipes of the mentioned goodies as well as the Molasses Cookies that got thrown in with the lot on Twitter. Since a very young … Continue reading

Country Weekend

Something about Fall conjures up pleasant invitations to country weekend houses. It would require a motor trip or big window train trundling through dumpling hillsides dotted with peaked roof houses wreathed in curling wood smoke. Deliciously, the last of the … Continue reading